Let’s face it, we men have always been badly designed downstairs.  And yet life is now even faster, whether commuting , cycling, going to the gym or just generally running around.  But where are the products specifically designed to make life for modern men more comfortable?

Below the Belt Grooming has developed a range with our real needs and daily irritations in mind.

Surely we deserve a choice.


Our company offers a range of products which are specifically designed to address the issues men face below the belt, and to provide easy to use solutions that fit with men’s busy lifestyles.


We offer three main products: Fresh & Dry Balls, Instant Clean Balls & Sports Lubricant. Both Fresh & Dry Balls and Instant Clean Balls are available in Cool, Active, Fresh & Fragrance Free options. Below the belt - Full range

Fresh & Dry Balls

If you use antiperspirant, then use this gel below the belt to ensure dry comfort all day. It is a gentle formula which is absorbed quickly to leave a healthy dusting of talc like powder. It keeps you FRESH.


Instant Clean Balls

At the end of the day, when you are going out straight from work, at a festival, on a long haul flight or just going to bed, this product cleanses you instantly so you are good to go. No need for a shower, it is instantly absorbed and effective. It will REFRESH.


Sports Lubricant

If you run, climb, cycle, play golf or ramble this smooth non drag product will prevent chafing or unnecessary discomfort. It PROTECTS.